Wizard Level Bonus Shared Level Bonus
HP: 12 PDF: 0.6 EVA: 0.3 MAG: 0.3
ATK: 0.3 MDF: 1.4 FOC: 0.8 CHAMPION DMG: 0.1
MAG: 1.7 ACY: 0.3 RES: 0.8
Name Level Rate Effect
icebolt 1 1/30 DMG
Barrier 30 1/45 PDF/MDF
Zenfocus 82 1/50 MAG
Burn 151 1/75 DMG
Icebolt A magic attck that adds 10% damage.

Each level adds +2 damage.

Barrier When activated you gain +2 PDF/MDF per level of this skill.
Zenfocus When activated you gain +3 magic per level of the skill.
Burn A burning effect that lasts 5 rounds.

Each level adds +4 damage.

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