Thief Level Bonus Shared Level Bonus
HP: 14 PDF: 1.1 EVA: 0.6 EVA: 0.3
ATK: 1.4 MDF: 0.9 FOC: 0.4 GOLD: 0.05
MAG: 0.6 ACY: 0.6 RES: 0.4


Name Level Rate Effect
Backstab 10 1/30 DMG
Lockpick 35 x LOCKPICK
Stealth 90 1/33 EVA
Clover 153 1/50 GOLD
Backstab A melee attack that adds 60-85% damage, but reduces your accuracy by 40%.

Each level adds +2 damage.

Lockpick Increases your chance to pick chests.

this skill bonus carries over to all classes.

Stealth Grants a 3% chance to increase evasion.

Each level adds +3 evasion.

Clover A passive skill that has a 2% chance to increase gold by 4%

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