Sieges have a small chance to spawn from any monster kill.

Whenever it spawns, a map or a collection of maps will be overrun by unique monsters.

A siege consist of multiple stages, each with it's own monsters and locations.

Participating in a siege is always worth it, even if you know you'll fail, since the exp given by the monsters is higher than that of monsters of equal strength.

Armis SiegeEdit

  • TODO* make a fancy table!

Stage 1Edit

Locations: Swamp / Freeland Kill Count: 0-300

Stage 2Edit

Location: Freeland Kill Count: 300-450

Jendo SiegeEdit

  • TODO* make a fancy table!

Stage 1Edit

Locations: ?.? Kill Count: 0-750

Stage 2Edit

Locations: ?.? Kill Count: 750-?.?

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