Paladin Level Bonus Shared Level Bonus
HP: 16 PDF: 1.0 EVA: 0.4 RES: 0.3
ATK: 1.2 MDF: 1.0 FOC: 0.5 Melee Crit Chance: 0.02
MAG: 0.8 ACY: 0.5 RES: 0.6
Name Level Rate Effect
Precision 1 1/30 DMG
Strike 38 1/35 DMG
Cripple 86 1/150 DMG
Resistance 147 1/50 RES
Precision A precise melee attack that adds 10-20% accuracy.

Each level adds +3 damage.

Strike A melee attack that adds 5-15% damage.

Each level adds +3 damage.

Cripple Cripples the target doing an extra 45-90% damage.

Each level adds +5 damage.

Resistance You have a 3% chance to cast an aura that provides additional resistance (magical evasion).

Each level adds +3 resistance.

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